Company Profile




Founded as “Chun-Yi” Industrial Agency.

Feb. 2003

ISO9001 certification achieved.

Sep. 2004

Renamed as “KCS Enterprise Co., LTD”.

Aug. 2005

Moved plant to Jhangbin Industry Park, Changhua.

Nov. 2005

Got the fifth annual ROC(Taiwan) ten potential business Torch award.

Jan. 2006

New Products! Bonded Flashing®

Jul. 2006

Got the tenth annual ROC(Taiwan) outstanding business and Jinfeng R&D Award.

Jan. 2007

ISO14001 certification achieved.

Jun. 2007

New Products! Bonded Nut-Insert®

Jan. 2008

Imported new generation of ERP system.

Jul. 2009

Material laboratory established.

Aug. 2011

Got certificate of Republic Of China Fine Manufacturer Association

Jan. 2012

Got certificate of CE

Jan. 2013

New Products! Stamping Products and Plastic Products

Jun. 2013

New Products! Bonded Zip-Flashing

Jun. 2014

New Products! Titanium Bonded


ISO 17025 certification achieved.(TAF)


Expension New Factory (For Rubber-Parts Product)

2017 New Products! Round Bonded Flashing
2018 New Vision of ISO 9001 & ISO 14001
2019 New Products! Conductive EPDM of Lignt Color for Bonded Washer !

Products / Manufacture:
1. Bonded® washer
Rubber material includes Conductive EPDM,Normal EPDM and CR.
Metal material includes stainless steel, galvanize steel, copper and aluminum.

2. Rubber products(Such as packing, Gasket...etc.)
3. Customization Service for R&D, ODM or OEM.